Middle years programme Course Outlines

Grade 8 – 10 Course Outlines

Please note that all outlines listed here are subject to change based on teachers’ discretion. These are meant as a guide and to give the school community an idea of what the courses entail.

Criteria for Achievement Levels in MYP Courses

IB MYP conversion table

How to Read an MYP Report Card

You will need your Rockridge STUDENT’S google username and password to access this site as it houses copyrighted IB materials. Please click here to view pdf files of the levels of achievement for each MYP course, ATLs as well as the Grade 8-10 Assessment Handbooks.

Requirement for the MYP Certificate

Rockridge will award an IB MYP certificate to each grade 10 who has:

  • participated in the programme for a minimum of one year (MYP year 5)
  • gained at least an IB grade of 3 or higher in all subjects
  • gained at least a IB grade of 3 or higher for the personal project
  • gained a grade total of at least 21 from six subject groups and the personal project combined, out of a possible maximum of 49
  • completed the school’s requirement for community service.
  • A grade from at least one subject from each of the following six subject groups must contribute to the award of the certificate:
    • language and literature
    • language acquisition (or a second language and literature)
    • individuals and societies
    • mathematics
    • sciences
    • arts, physical and health education or design