Great Bots of Fire 8 is a new program designed for Grade 8 students (boys & girls) who are interested in participating in the area of mechatronics robotics. We will use the VEX IQ robotics system and advanced students may get a chance to help our Academy teams with VEX EDR robots.

This after-school program provides students the ability to build robots in a team environment, while learning a variety of skills.  While not a pre-requisite, Big Bad Bot Builders 6/7 provides a good foundation for entry into this program and extends opportunity to enter a competitive robotics environment through some local competition.

Great Bots of Fire 8 is not a pre-requisite to the West Vancouver Schools Premier Mechatronics Robotics Academy Grades 9-12.  It will, however, provide some links and interactions between the two programs. As students move to Grade 9 and beyond, the Premier Mechatronics Robotics Academy is the district’s way of providing a program for students registered full time in one of our secondary schools, the opportunity to work in an area of continued interest and passion.

Teacher Bio

Todd Ablett
Todd Ablett is an award winning Technology Education teacher whose specialty has become competitive school-based Robotics.  He has taken teams of students to many world championships and had many top ten finishes, including placing FIRST in the world in 2012. Mr. Ablett encourages learners of all ages to try new things, to explore the technologies around us and most importantly, to be “fearless about failure”.


Day: Thursdays
Start Date: September 14, 2017
Time: 3:30-5:30 pm
End Date: June 14, 2018

Selection Criteria

Please write a letter to introduce yourself, describing why you are interested in this program and would be a good candidate for this course.

TeacherLocationCostGreat Bots of Fire 8
Todd AblettWest Vancouver Secondary School$1075Apply here

Big Bad Bot BuildersFor more information:

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