All staff,

One of the biggest topics we hear about in employment related media is the increasing need for employers to provide assistance and resources regarding employee wellness. WVS launched a wellness committee last year comprised of members from each of our main employee groups. Your Wellness Champions are:

WVMEA:  Alex Sweeney, Elisabeth Thoma

WVTA:  Roland Samson, Glenn Johnston, Angie Higgs

WVAA:  Michelle LaBounty, Rebecca Rowley

Chairs:  Maureen Lee, Sean Nosek

Sponsor:  Kim Martin

In our first year we explored the purpose and focus of the group as well as discussing how we can provide value to all employees. Now, we want to hear directly from you. We have partnered with the Canadian Cancer Society who has developed an online survey to help us plan and deliver wellness services. Your feedback will be instrumental in guiding decisions about what programs and services are offered. We want to make sure we are addressing your specific needs and areas of interest.

The survey is completely voluntary but if you have a few minutes, it will help us prioritize wellness initiatives. The survey is completely anonymous and confidential. Individual results are submitted directly to the Canadian Cancer Society. Only the amalgamated results are provided to the Wellness committee for discussion. Once we have received the results, we will focus our energies on providing services identified. We are excited to be involved in such an incredibly useful initiative and we hope you will help us focus our priorities by taking a few minutes to fill out the survey.

Ready to help us out?
If you haven’t already taken the survey, it is open until 8:30 am on October 27, 2015. Please take the survey when you have about 8 minutes to think about your answers.

The Wellness Committee

Ready to help us out?

Take the survey